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If you want to use gear oil for a long time and well, you first need to choose the right gear oil. When the circumferential speed of the gear pitch of the equipment is less than or equal to 25m/s, industrial closed gear oil should be selected. When the circumferential speed of the gear pitch of the equipment is greater than 25m/s, turbine oil should be selected. When the gear transmission bears serious impact load, a viscosity grade can be appropriately increased. The pitch circumference speed of bevel gear transmission refers to the pitch circumference speed at the midpoint of the tooth width of bevel gear. When the circumferential speed of the gear pitch of the equipment is greater than 80m/s, the manufacturer of the gear device should give special consideration and recommend a suitable gear oil to the user.
Prevention of tooth surface wear: tooth surface wear is mainly caused by particle impurities in gear oil or insufficient lubrication of gear oil. The particulate impurities in the gear oil may be metal chips or foreign pollutants brought in by the unclean cleaning of the oil tank system or gears. Therefore, the oil tank and components must be carefully cleaned before adding new oil to reduce impurities, which is also very beneficial to reduce the wear of gears and improve the anti foaming performance of gear oil. Low viscosity grade of gear oil or poor lubrication performance will also cause abnormal wear on the tooth surface. Therefore, we should choose gear oil with good lubricity or appropriately improve the viscosity grade of gear oil to improve the lubrication performance of gear oil.
Prevent oil from emulsifying or producing foam: oil and water are two immiscible liquids, which will form stable or unstable Emulsions under certain conditions. In contact with water, the emulsification degree of oil is related to the composition of oil, the purity of water, the nature of the components contained, and the working conditions of the oil-water system. Generally, a certain proportion of demulsifier is added to industrial gear oil to ensure that the oil has excellent demulsibility. In the actual use process, the amount of water mixed into the oil should be strictly controlled, especially to prevent the rolling fluid from entering the oil, so as to prevent it from accelerating the emulsification of the oil. In addition, the centralized lubrication system of large gear units adopts the method of prolonging the settling time of oil, or filtering and centrifugal separation of circulating oil are also effective means to prevent oil emulsification. Industrial gear oil is easy to produce foam in use. Generally, a certain amount of antifoaming agent is added to industrial gear oil. If the amount of antifoaming agent is insufficient, the dispersion is poor, or it is stored for a long time, the stability is poor, etc., it will cause too much gear oil foam in use, and it is not easy to disappear. At this time, antifoam agent can be added appropriately. If water enters the gear oil, it will not only increase the foam of the gear oil, but also emulsify the oil. Therefore, prevent water from entering the gear oil. If the oil level of the oil tank is improper, the foam of the gear oil will increase during operation. Pay attention to the oil level during use, and timely add gear oil with the same quality and viscosity grade as the original brand.
In actual use, the oil change index is used for quality monitoring in the process of gear lubrication. When one index of oil products reaches the oil change index in the process of use, it should be replaced with new oil, and the oil change period depends on the oil change index. The oil change period of industrial gear oil is expressed in time, and it is treated differently according to the different parts and quantities of oil used. Generally, the gearbox with small oil consumption needs to change oil within 6 months. According to the working conditions, the oil change period of foreign reducers without water is 2000 ~ 8000h. For the centralized lubrication system of large gear units, since the oil is replenished regularly, the oil quality should be monitored according to the oil change index.
The above is a detailed introduction of industrial oil and gear oil. I hope it can help you. If you have any questions, please contact us. We will provide services for you with a professional attitude https://www.smxnykj.com/

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