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There are three types of engine oil: fully synthetic, semi synthetic and mineral oil. Compared with the latter two, fully synthetic oils are significantly superior to them in all aspects.
Fully synthetic engine oil can provide protection and performance at end temperature (high or low temperature), keep the engine clean by significantly reducing the formation of sludge and pollutants, preventing oxidation and acid formation, and provide friction and wear reduction protection to extend the oil drainage interval.
mineral oil
Mineral oil is extracted from crude oil, and the inherent polluting elements of crude oil, such as sulfur, nitrogen, nickel or vanadium, cannot be completely removed through the refining process, so there are many impurities in mineral oil.
Moreover, some substances in crude oil are not conducive to lubrication. For example, paraffin (wax) is a common mineral oil pollutant, which will lead to the thickening of engine oil at low temperature. Sulfur is a naturally occurring inorganic element, which is easy to react with oxygen molecules, and is harmful to the performance of engine oil.
Because various molecules of refined lubricants have different shapes and sizes, the surface of mineral oil is irregular at the molecular level.
In the lubrication process, when the lubricant layers flow with each other, these irregularities will produce friction, thus consuming power, reducing efficiency and increasing heat and wear.
Fully synthetic engine oil
Fully synthetic engine oil is processed by chemical engineering with pure chemicals, rather than refined from crude oil.
It does not contain pollutants or molecules that do not meet the design purpose. Their components react chemically to produce finished products with pre-designed performance characteristics. Compared with mineral oil, it has obvious advantages.
Due to the molecular uniformity of fully synthetic engine oil, friction can be reduced, which improves fuel efficiency and economy, controls heat and reduces wear, and helps to resist thinning at high temperatures and thickening at cold temperatures.
In terms of safety and insurance risks, the flash point of fully synthetic oil is always high, and the reduction of flammability is the key driving force for the increasing popularity of fully synthetic oil in high temperature applications.
The advantages of fully synthetic engine oil are mainly reflected in the following aspects:
High viscosity index
Synthetic engine oil has higher natural viscosity index than mineral oil. Therefore, it can provide better engine protection in a wider temperature range, and the benefits will be greater in more extreme temperatures (hot or cold).
Low temperature characteristics
The difficulty of starting the engine depends not only on the condition of the battery, ignition and fuel quality, but also on the flow characteristics of the oil.
If the oil is too sticky (thick) at the starting temperature, it will exert too much resistance on the moving parts, resulting in the engine unable to start quickly and keep running.
Because wax is a large hydrocarbon molecule, it can prevent oil from flowing at lower temperatures, and cold and thick oil is more difficult to pump for the engine, resulting in reduced protection during startup.
Because synthetic engine oil does not contain wax, it retains more fluid than mineral oil at lower temperatures.
Oxidation stability
Oxidation stability is the ability of oil to resist decomposition caused by combination with oxygen.
Oxidation is a degradation process that occurs when oxygen in the atmosphere reacts with organic molecules. With the increase of oxidation, the oil will thicken and lose the ability to control sediment and prevent the formation of sludge and varnish.
Fully synthetic engine oil has higher antioxidant capacity than mineral oil.
Because the molecular structure is more consistent, the traction of synthetic fiber is lower than that of mineral oil.
Lower traction means less friction inside the fluid, resulting in reduced heat, increased efficiency, increased horsepower, and improved fuel economy.
Synthetic lubricants can reduce friction and make the engine use energy more effectively. Facts have proved that automotive lubricants have advanced lubricity, which can improve fuel economy by 2-5%.
Reduce emissions
Nearly 1.8 billion liters of engine oil are burned worldwide every year and discharged through the exhaust pipe of motor vehicles, causing environmental pollution.
Mineral oil is more volatile than fully synthetic engine oil, which increases fuel consumption and causes more emission pollution. Due to its low volatility, fully synthetic engine oil is better for the environment than mineral oil.
Extend oil change interval
Mineral oil is generally changed every 5000 kilometers, and the oil change interval of fully synthetic oil can be extended to more than 10000 kilometers.
Under normal driving conditions, automobile lubricating oil can protect the engine for more than 12000 kilometers, thus extending the oil change interval.
In short, the versatility and pure, uniform molecular structure of fully synthetic engine oil give it performance, which can provide better friction reduction and wear protection, good fuel efficiency and excellent membrane strength, greater resistance to shear force and viscosity damage, and very high temperature performance.
Automotive lubricants are specially designed to protect engine components, reduce emissions, reduce environmental pollution, extend service life and improve fuel economy.
They are resistant to chemical decomposition and the formation of sludge and impurities, thus keeping the engine clean and significantly extending the service life of oil and engine.
In addition, automotive lubricants have excellent oil film strength and low and high temperature performance, which can provide friction reduction and wear protection, and effectively extend the service life of the engine.
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